OMG: TD! is a tower defense game for iOS and Android. One year after global launch, it has 4.5 stars with > 2,100 ratings on the App Store, and 4 stars with > 27,000 ratings on Google Play.

My role

I worked as the lead UI designer and as a contributing artist in a 10+ person Agile development team to bring OMG: TD! from concept to launch, and to provide content creation afterwards. I was responsible for the overall UI experience — wireframes, concept, and production. I also led the initiative on consistency in art assets and UI, produced art assets, conceptualized and designed ads, and wrote in-game stories as well as marketing copy.

The postmortem I wrote about the experience was featured on Gamasutra.



During pre-production we researched tower defense games across platforms, kept a close eye on App Store trends, created rough prototypes, discarded them, created new ones, tested, iterated, and improved them. I was working on other prototypes at the time, so my role in OMG: TD!'s pre-production was limited primarily to drawing comical characters to set the tone of the game, and research. I researched countless tower defense games and took notes on their art style, monetization methods, App Store rank, difficulty, amount of content, etc. I also read up on Greek mythology and kept notes of which characters we could use as gods, monsters and villains.



User Flows & Interface

Throughout pre-production and production itself, I created the user flows, wireframes and production-level UI to suit the game's evolving requirements. This included writing and creating pre- and post-tutorial comics as part of the player onboarding process.

One of the earliest lessons I learned during this project was to always start by designing for the smallest screen, even though we had decided to optimize the game for iPad. (This actually changed post-launch, when we discovered that more of our players were using iPhones rather than iPads.)


Production Art & Consistency

I created visual designs for a number of OMG: TD! characters, but my main focus was the game's overall visual consistency, polish and legibilitywere all of the gods visually distinct in color and silhouette across devices? Could players tap and select them easily? Did the interactive objects and monsters in each world appear to belong to the same set?



Advertising & Marketing

I worked extensively with the marketing team of our publisher, Yodo1, to run A/B tests on everything from our game's name to its tagline and App Store icon. I also conceptualized and designed ads, and wrote marketing copy.


OMG: TD! is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, and on Google Play.