Homejoy Consulting


In the second half of 2014, I worked remotely for Homejoy as a UI/UX Consultant. Projects I worked on included the desktop subscription flow for Cleaning Credits, key portions of the Android app for cleaning professionals, and the desktop landing page for the referral program.

Cleaning Credits

This was a subscription plan that allowed repeat users with irregular or unpredictable cleaning schedules to take advantage of Homejoy's lowest hourly rate (previously available only to users who booked regular, repeat sessions up front). The program was initially called "Forever Clean," consisted of 3 subscription options (3 months, 6 months, and 1 year), and could be entered by way of a special banner displayed during the regular booking process.

Sketching out ideas


Converting sketches into mockups

Evolving requirements

As the program evolved, changed names and terminologies, so too did the requirements for the user flow. Three subscription options became one, which due to technical requirements could be started (and billed) either that same day, or on the 1st of the next month. The user's entrance point also changed—it previously occurred while the user was booking an appointment, but eventually became an email sent to users who displayed specific behaviors.

After testing with users for clarity and revising accordingly, this became the final flow for the first iteration:


Homejoy on Android

The purpose of this project was to revamp and expand Homejoy's existing Android app for cleaning professionals. The newly expanded app would include the portions I worked on:

  • Upcoming job details
  • How to cancel jobs
  • Your average rating
  • Week-to-week payment details

I collaborated directly with the product manager, developer, and later the head of design. Because Homejoy was in the process of deciding whether or not to change their primary branding colors, we maintained the existing app’s teal scheme instead of changing it.

Job details

We interviewed current Homejoy cleaners to better understand what information they needed before the job, while preparing to go to the job, and while at location on the job. Is there street parking for those who drive? How do you get in? What do you do if there's an emergency?


This screen shows you each job’s most relevant details: location, what you’ll need, how to get into the home, how long to spend on the job, etc. The two icons in the top right corner are for cancellations and mapping the job location, while the red chat button is if there’s an emergency and you need to speak with someone at Homejoy (last-minute cancellations, lockouts, etc.).


Job cancellations

Need to cancel a job more than 48 hours beforehand? Click on the trashcan icon in the upper right of job details, give your reasons, and decide whether or not to cancel any other jobs you have that day: 


Cleaner reviews

One of the ways Homejoy maintains quality service is by asking each client to rate each cleaning—cleaners who fall below a certain average receive a warning. In this flow you can see your average rating, and if necessary appeal below-5-star ratings.


Payment Details

Cleaner payments are processed on a weekly basis, which seems fairly straightforward until you realize they also have to take into account things like:

  • Being tipped for a job you completed last week
  • Rewards for taking on last-minute jobs
  • The possibility of a weekly stipend from Homejoy

We ran through a couple of different layouts, but this one turned out to make the most sense to cleaners:


Referral Program Landing

Homejoy's referral program gave users $25 in credit for each successfully referred friend, who themselves received $25 off their first cleaning. The purpose of this landing page was to gather all of your referral methods in one place (email entry, personalized referral link, and posting to Facebook).

First iterations

Quick user testing on the first couple of iterations showed that people found the page's purpose unclear at first glance, so I increased the visual importance of "Give $25 to Get $25" and broke the instructional copy into 3 simple bullet points.

Final iteration